Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Source: Written for www.lezinterracial.com Free To Distribute as long as you leave the source in place. Skinny White Girl Falls In Love With A Fat Black Woman In Prison

Skinny White Girl Falls In Love With A Fat Black Woman In Prison

Shelby is a skinny white blonde girl at 19 years of age. Shelby hung out with the wrong guys that promised her the world if she smuggled drugs back from Colombia. Shelby got busted at the Airport in Miami and was now facing 5 years in a minimum security prison.

Donning her orange jumpsuit, Shelby was marched into her jail cell and was now face to face with a large black woman in her mid 40s. She introduced herself as Tamika. Tamika stood at 6'4" towering over Shelby by a foot. Tamika was also a rather fat woman weighing at about 350 pounds with a large Afro.

Tamika introduced herself in a nice voice. Shelby was scared but shook Tamika's hand. Tamika saw Shelby's fear and said "don't worry sugar, I'm a pussycat and we are gonna be good friends".

Tamika and Shelby became quick friends. Tamika showed Shelby around the jail and introduced Shelby to her crew. All of Tamika's friend were large, nice black women like Tamika.

One month later: One night, Shelby told Tamika how she got busted and she could no longer trust guys. Tamika admitted to Shelby that she was a lesbian. Tamika told Shelby that she dated each of the four members of her crew at some time. Tamika would pay a guard off and the guard would allow her and her girlfriend at the time to get naked and have sex in the showers.

Shelby was on the top bunk and Tamika was below her in the cell. Tamika asked Shelby if she would like to come down and lay with her. Shelby was lonely and figured what the hell. Shelby really trusted Tamika and was already fantasizing about her anyways.

Shelby crawled on top of Tamika. Tamika rubbed Shelby up and down her back. Shelby whispered "I've never done this before". Tamika kissed Shelby and shoved her tongue deep into Shelby's mouth. Shelby unzipped the front of Tamika's orange jump suit and sucked her huge black tits. Tamika told Shelby to stand up. Shelby stood up and unzipped the front of her jump suit. Shelby danced around in a circle and slowly pulled down her prison jumpsuit down to feet.

Tamika stood and held the thin blonde in her arms. Tamika kissed Shelby again. Shelby stripped off Tamika's jumpsuit. And there Shelby was, A young blonde woman standing face to face to an older fat black woman. Shelby knew she was in love. Tamika said "turn around sugar". A butch female guard was watching them and smiling "go on you two, Don't let me bother you".

Tamika laid on her back and Shelby straddled her face reverse cowgirl style. Shelby felt Tamika's tongue go deep into her white pussy. Shelby leaned over in 69 style and could only reach Tamika's belly button with her mouth. Shelby licked Tamika's belly button and rubbed her stomach. Shelby inched her hands down to Tamika's opening and rubbed her clit.

Shelby jumped off of Tamika and looked up to see the guard still watching. Shelby gave Tamika's clit a quick lick and looked at the guard and smiled. Shelby straddled her pussy over Tamika's pussy and started moving back and forth. Shelby started grinding harder and harder as she felt the juices building around Tamika's pussy. Shelby squirted for the first time with her back arched and grinding on her overweight black lesbian lover. Shelby screamed and shook into a sweaty mess onto her interracial lesbian lover waking the entire cell block. As Shelby collapsed into Tamika and with the both of them out of breath, They could hear the other female prisoners cheering. Tamika told Shelby she loved her.

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