Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Interracial Lesbian Strip Club

Cindy moved from rural Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio to go to college. Cindy was olive skinned brunette short at 5 foot four inches with large tits and a curvy ass. She was working as a waitress one night when a group of ten professional black women showed up. The women were all dressed like business women but noticed their skirts were a little short. After the meal, one of the women told her Cindy she should apply at a club in Downtown Cleveland, "Tell them Carol sent you".

The card said "Club Lezinterracial". Cindy called the number and had an interview for Friday morning. It was a shitty part of town and the door said "White Customers Only Allowed When Accompanied By A Black Woman - NO MEN".

Inside Cindy met a short, petite black woman in her early 30s name Tara. The place was empty and Tara sat Cindy at a round table next to the stage. Tara explained to Cindy that rich, black women love to eat white, college pussy. Many of the customers were black women that wanted to date rich white girls in college but the girls were only interested in guys with money. These black women studied and worked hard to get paid so they could get whatever they wanted.

Tara went and hit some buttons and came back. Tara told Cindy to strip for her. Music started and Cindy stood and danced around. Cindy wasn't shy with Tara and straddled her in her chair. Cindy breathed on Tara's neck and quickly rose up. Cindy looked into Tara's eyes and unbuttoned her shirt slowly. Cindy wasn't wearing a bra and Tara reached out and rubbed Cindy's bare tit.

Cindy smiled and unbuttoned the plaid skirt she was wearing. Cindy was wearing a black g-string. Cindy bent over in front of Tara's leering eyes. Cindy knew Tara loved her job of owning the club and the girls. Tara put her hand on Cindy's sides and rubbed her up and down. Tara leaned in and licked Cindy's pussy as she was bent over. Cindy asked "can the customers do this?". Tara said "sure, some of our customers are dyke cops that we give free white pussy to". Tara didn't bring Cindy to climax. Tara wanted to tease Cindy to prepare her for the show tonight. Cindy was told to be back by 10 PM.

Cindy was in the dressing room and noticed all the other strippers were young white women. All the girls were primping and getting ready, They were all excited to be there. A short blonde came up to Cindy and told her she was up.

Cindy stepped out on stage in a white wedding dressing with a long train. The DJ said over the PA, "please welcome Cindy, Lezinterracial's newest white pussy". Cindy gyrated quickly on stage. Lenny Kravitz "Lady" came on. Cindy danced aggressively to the song, Ripping off her dress down to her white bra, panties, and white stockings. One of the women in the crowd yelled "shake it white girl". The audience screamed and cheered her on.

Cindy saw Carol, (the black lady from the restaurant that gave her the card) on the front row. Cindy took her by the hand brought her on stage. Her former customer was now wearing a blue business suit with alot of cleavage showing. Cindy sat her down in the middle of the stage.

"My Pony" by Ginuwin came over the speakers. The crowd went crazy as Cindy bent over in front of big tittied Carol. Cindy turned to face and licked her cleavage. Carol pulled off Cindy's white bra and threw it into the crowd. Carol pulled Cindy's face down to hers and french kissed her in front of the crowd.

Cindy broke off the kiss, but Carol reached down and pulled off Cindy's panties while Cindy was still in her lap. Cindy stood up thinking that things were going too far, but Carol stood up too and looked Cindy in the eyes. Carol kissed Cindy again, As Carol kissed Cindy she reached around and spread Cindy's white ass cheeks to show the crowd Cindy's asshole. Then stuck her right index finger into Cindy's ass.

Carol told Cindy she was gonna eat her pussy in front of the audience. Carol stripped off her clothes fast and was completely naked too in front of the audience. One of the women shouted out "Carol, You lucky bitch". Everybody laughed.

Carol dropped to her knees and licked Cindy's clit in front of everyone. Cindy was moaning and looking like she was gonna cum in front of the crowd immediately.

Carol laid on her back on the stage. Cindy got in a 69 position the both ate each other out in front of the audience. Carol made sure to spread Cindy's ass and show the audience her tongue enter Cindy's asshole. They both climaxed in front of the audience. They stood up in front of the audience with pussy soaked faces and gave a bow to the audience.

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