Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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Bratty White Girl Makes Her Black Maids Watch Lesbian Porn

Jenny is a blonde haired blue-eyed girl that gets what she wants. A nineteen year old college drop out that is a daddy's girl. In Jenny's mansion, there were two maids named Mia and Monica. Both are older black women in their mid 50s.

Mia and Monica rolled their eyes when Jenny called them into her bedroom to watch her try on bikinis. But they would watch her and tell Jenny how good she looked. Jenny would change her bikinis right in front of the maids. Monica would look away but Mia just stared. Monica looked over at Mia "girl, you like that don't you?". Mia whispered a quiet "no".

Jenny grabbed a DVD and put it in the player in the room. Jenny said "you guys work too hard, lets watch a movie together.". Jenny had Mia and Monica sit on the edge of her bed. Jenny sat between them, still in her new white monokini that had the sides completely open. Jenny hit the play button on the remote.

The first thing that came up was the title "Naughty Black Mom's on Redheaded Babysitter". Monica yelled "what is this?". Jenny said, "if you guys want to keep me happy, you are gonna have to watch this with me". Monica looked away but continued to sit on the bed. Jenny put her hand on Mia's leg. "Mia doesn't seem to mind".

Jenny looked at Mia. "I bet you wish you were there" Jenny cooed into Mia's ear. Mia smiled back at Jenny and looked deep into her eyes "Miss Jenny, I wish it was us together up on that screen". Monica chocked on hearing this. Jenny ran her hand up Mia's black maid skirt to feel the wet spot forming. And they fell into a deep kiss.

Jenny turned angrily to Monica. "Now go sit on the couch and watch me and Mia have fun. Or I am gonna tell my dad about the dirty texts and pics of you I saw on my mom's phone". As Monica got up and walked over to the couch, Jenny stood up and pulled the straps down on her monokini. Dropping it down to her feet. Jenny turned to face Monica and bent over and put her ass in Mia's face. Jenny smiled and looked into Monica's eyes said sternly stated "Mia, Why don't you clean my ass with your tongue".

Jenny rolled her eyes and moaned as she felt Mia's tongue on her asshole. Jenny looked at Monica and said "That feels so good, I bet Monica does this to my mom". Jenny turned around and got on her knees. Jenny face Mia sitting on her bed and they kissed again. As they kissed Jenny slipped her hand up Mia's skirt again. Pentetrating Mia's thick bush and putting her finger up a black pussy for the first time.

Jenny stood and told Mia to get naked. Mia got naked and laid back on the bed. Jenny straddled the thick haired black pussy with her shaved white cunt. Jenny grinded their cunts together as the moans from the interracial lesbian porn movie got louder. Jenny continued to grind and moan as Monica looked on. Jenny let out a screeching sound as she squirted all over the black pussy.

Jenny gasped "your turn baby". Jenny licked her own white girl juices off the black pussy of her lover. Mia jerked and yelped as Jenny sent her tongue deep into the pussy. Licking up and pushing her lips into Mia's clit, Mia screamed.

Jenny laid next to Mia on the bed. They were both wet with sweat. Monica could see a few of Mia's black pubic hairs stuck to Jenny's cunt.

Jenny was in love with Mia now. Jenny's mom threw her husband out of the house. Mia and Monica moved into the house. From then on, Mia slept every night with Jenny and Monica slept with Jenny's mom.

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