Warning: Explicit story involving interracial lesbian sex.This is a work of fiction. Any relation to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Source: Written for www.lezinterracial.com Free To Distribute as long as you leave the source in place. Civil War Curse


From Bad Black Mothers On White Teens

Civil War Curse - Interracial Lesbian Curse

The year was 1864. Martha was a 38 year old wife of a plantation owner who left to fight for the Confederacy. Martha hadn't heard from her husband for over a year. Susie was a 19 year old black slave girl for Martha and one of the few people Martha could talk with.

Susie cared for Martha and noticed that Martha was missing her husband. Martha told Susie that she missed her husband and could not live without him. Susie told Martha of a witch that lived in a shed in the nearby woods that had visions of the present and future. The witch could help if she brought something her husband owned.

The next morning Susie took Martha to the shed. Martha and Susie went into the shed and the witch was sitting in a chair. The shed was candle lit and there was a tub filled with water next to her.

Martha gave the witch her husband's hat. The old black witch with missing teeth and long grey hair held the hat. The witch could see all the hate of Martha's husband and could see that he was dead. Susie helped the witch and the witch knew how much Susie cared for Martha.

The witch decided to not tell Martha the truth and instead told Martha her husband would return safely if she followed her orders. The witch told Martha and Susie to undress. They both followed the instructions without hesitating. The witch told Martha and Susie to stand in the tub.

The witch told the two women to pick up the sponges in the water and get each other wet. The taller white woman and shorter black woman did as they were told. They rubbed each other all over each others breast as the witch watched intently. Susie turned around and let Martha rub her back with the sponge. Susie turned back to face Martha and Martha turned to let Susie wash her back.

Martha turned back to face Susie. The witch began to chant and splash some liquid on their bodies. Martha and Susie looked into each others eyes and began to kiss. They both felt helpless as they grabbed at each other and shoved their tongues down each others throat.

The witch dipped her fingers in some red powder. As Martha and Susie kissed, the witch put a hand on each female's ass. She put her powder covered fingers in between both women's legs and pushed her fingers into the naked interracial lesbian couple's pussies. They both moaned deeply.

After the witch retrieved her fingers, Martha and Susie took over and fingered each other passionately. Martha sat down in the tub and Susie straddled her. Susie ground her pussy into the older white woman's pussy. Susie collapsed into Martha's arms.

Martha had forgotten about her husband and could only see herself sharing her bed with Susie for the rest of her life. Martha completely forgot about her husband.

And on full moon nights, Martha and Susie walked like hypnotized zombies to the witch's shed. The witch would be waiting naked in the bed. Martha and Susie would strip naked in front of the old witch and get in bed with her. First, Martha and Susie kiss each other for the witch's entertainment. Then the interracial lesbian couple would lick the old witch's cunt.

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